The Meaning of Just Go

Author: Jon Davis

One of my favorite videos is in the link below.  Everytime I watch it I get moved.  And I have seen it 100s of times now.  It is so real and authentic because you can tell as each person decides to just go or try something scary they feel more alive.  

I think sometimes we have too many choices and if you are anything like me you can overthink things.  As we were starting this business, I had to learn the hard way many times to just make a decision, go with it and see what happens.  

It sounds easy but many times it drove me crazy and what held me back was not knowing the outcome.  Over time as I decided to just go I found that sometimes something amazing would happen and other times it wouldn't go so well.  But either way I learned something.  And at least it got me out of being in my head so much :).

So as the song says where do you want to make a move, surprise yourself and #justgo?  Share with us your thoughts after you watch it!

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