Intentional MVMT Hike Recap - May 2019

What happens when complete strangers come together with the intention to grow, learn, and be moved? In May, ten individuals, ranging from IT technicians, social activists to middle school teachers and college students, embarked on an hour-long hike in Reedy Creek Park. Within those sixty minutes, I witnessed an atmosphere of honesty, support, optimism, and inspiration that transformed ten strangers into ten companions. 

As a college student, I frequently experience the pressure of meeting expectations, planning my next move, and knowing what I will do for the rest of my life. However, Intentional MVMT enabled me to surrender those pressures and instead, enjoy the beauty of fully engaging with a diverse group of people while in the comfort of the outdoors. The conversations were poignant and resonating. I was compelled to listen to everyone’s story, acknowledge the value in others, and to continue to pursue my purpose. 

By bringing people together and creating a genuine human connection, Intentional MVMT inspired me to trust in my journey and to rely on the support of others to make that journey even more worthwhile and fulfilling.

Enjoy some photos from our hike here. Want to move with us? Join our next hike — details here.

Guest blog by: Anderlyn E. Smith
Anderlyn is currently a professional theatre student at North Carolina A&T State University and is doing a Sparkship with Intentional MVMT.