11 Charlotte Leaders Traveling to Mammoth, CA to Accelerate Economic Mobility through Social Capital Building

CHARLOTTE, N.C.– Intentional MVMT, the Wells Fargo Foundation and Foundation For The Carolinas are partnering to create the first Intentional Movement Expedition. The inaugural Expedition to Mammoth, California will take place from October 17 through October 21; it will include three days of hiking and exploration led by world-renowned mountain guide, Christian Santelices.

Selected leaders will travel to Mammoth to hike with Santelices and use the time together to discuss how to initiate a community-wide ‘‘movement’ around sharing opportunity, relationships and networks (social capital) across Charlotte’s business, social service and civic practices.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Opportunity Task Force report recommended social capital – or the strength of our networks and relationships - as potential secret sauce for economic mobility. Those findings inspired Intentional Movement to seek partners in this process.

“The Wells Fargo Foundation was intrigued with Intentional Movement’s proposition to bring together a diverse group of thought leaders who all have influence on issues related to economic opportunity and social mobility,” said Jay Everette, Senior Vice President of Government and Community Affairs with Wells Fargo. When we presented the concept to the Foundation For The Carolinas, they appreciated the innovative way in which elements of outdoor leadership are leveraged to elevate the dialogue, developing trust and think in new ways about social capital issues.”

The Foundation For The Carolinas could not have agreed more.

“Because we’re in a learning phase about how to build social capital, we’re always on the lookout for innovative strategies,” says Brian Collier, Executive Vice President for the Foundation For the Carolinas. “I truly believe that if we can scale the Expedition concept, this could be a gamechanger for how our community addresses social issues.”

This inaugural trip includes a diverse group of leaders representing a wide range of corporate, community and civic interests: Malcomb Coley (EY), Davita Galloway (Dupp & Swat), Kathryn Black (Bank of America), Molly Shaw (Communities In Schools of Charlotte), Federico Rios (City of Charlotte), Mike Harrell (Beacon Partners), Daniel Valdez (Welcoming America), Valeria Bermejo (YMCA of Greater Charlotte), Dee O’Dell (U.S. Bank), Stephanie Cooper-Lewter (Leading On Opportunity), and John Martin (Young Black Leadership Alliance).

Powered by the Center for Intentional Leadership®, Intentional MVMT is the first program of its kind to accelerate social impact conversations through outdoor experiences. Intentional MVMT leverages cutting edge research that a ‘sense of awe’, wonder, and curiosity sparked from taking in nature’s views inspire creativity, innovation, and expand ways of thinking about social change.

To document this historic event, the outdoor film company Fisher Creative will travel with the leaders. Fisher Creative invited Charlotte business owner and filmmaker, Khaleel Loyd of Loyd Visuals, to shadow the filming, building social capital in the production process.

Upon the group’s return, a video story will be produced to share learnings with the Charlotte community.

“There are so many great things happening around economic mobility in Charlotte right now,” says Jon Davis, Founder of Intentional Movement and Senior Consultant at the Center for Intentional Leadership®. “We believe putting together a diverse group of thought leaders like this and getting them outside for three days can accelerate system wide change and create a powerful story the entire community can get behind.”

For more information, please contact Jon Davis at jon@intentionalleadership.com or visit Intentional Movement at www.intentionalmvmt.com.


INTENTIONAL MOVEMENT is powered by the Center for Intentional Leadership®, a leadership development firm with over 20 years of experience working with large organizations, corporate and civic leaders, school systems and non-profits. Intentional MVMT was developed to accelerate social impact by creating experiences that integrate leadership and community development together.


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