what we mean by GO TOGETHER

Together.  A word defined as “with or in proximity to another person or people...at the same time.”  

For us, this means including opportunity and sharing possibilities in every interaction we have.

When you register for one of our 1-Day Excursions, a portion of the proceeds goes towards someone at the non-profit Communities In Schools being able to participate. We believe it is both more meaningful and impactful when we grow and develop together.

When we build these 1-Day Excursions with leadership teams, we ask them to invite students to their office for dinner the night before as part of the retreat. It exposes the students to new possibilities while the company leaders start to think bigger after gaining new perspectives from the students - all at the same time.

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Recently one of our 3-Day Expeditions brought together a very diverse group of artists, bankers, non-profit professionals, civic leaders, real estate developers and advocates to build a movement around sharing access, networks and connections across Charlotte or what is referred to as building ‘social capital.’  We intend for these longer treks to build unique relationships and accelerate social change for our whole community.

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For our partners and suppliers that we work with, every transaction is much more than a transaction. We see partnerships as a way to grow together—a way to be mutually successful. It is a chance to align and work with people who have a shared purpose, who care about the community and who want to build a more inclusive, equitable and diverse business culture.  

Currently the majority of our expense spend and partnerships at Intentional Movement goes toward businesses owned by individuals of color and women. This is a conscious choice and also doesn’t mean we are exclusive. We aim to include people of all backgrounds but are very thoughtful about how share opportunities. Our strategy is to identify talented people who align with our purpose and leverage our differences to amplify results.

To be very clear, we don’t believe in ‘helping’ or ‘saving;’ we don’t practice ‘pity.’ We believe in possibility, potential and intentionality. To use a sports analogy: we believe our society has a big playing field of opportunity. However, historically it has been harder for people of color, women and other marginalized groups to get on this field or stay on it long enough to play.

Getting on that field of opportunity isn’t a talent gap, it is an access gap.  

We also look for opportunities inside of opportunities.  For example, when we realized the best fit for filming the documentary for our first Expedition was a company named Fisher Creative, we worked with them to partner with an up-and-coming visual company in Charlotte named Loyd Visuals to participate, learn and exchange in the process.  Khaleel Loyd was a partner in building our community in Charlotte, so we wanted him to come with us.

The Fisher Creative and Loyd Visuals partnership was very meaningful, and both business owners built relationships - they’re now working together on future projects.  


Just as the African Proverb says, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

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Like us, many of our partners are companies that you may not have heard of yet. And when we discover top talent, we share it with others. We encourage you to leverage one of our many partners below and join us in going together.

Partners/Supplier List

Brand Strategy / Marketing (LOCAL)

Toth Shop - Meg Seitz

Coffee (LOCAL)

Basal Coffee - Bryce Lauger

Food / Catering (LOCAL)

Camille’s Sidewalk Cafe - Camille Jackson

Project 658 - Hector Gonzalez

Graphic Design (LOCAL)

Dupp & Swat - Davita Galloway

Guide Company

Aerial Boundaries - Christian Santelices

T-Shirt Company (LOCAL)

MacFly Fresh Printing Co. - Eric Ndelo and Taj Polite

Transportation (LOCAL)

Certified Chauffeured Transportation LLC - Tamekius Breland

Video Production

Loyd Visuals - Khaleel, Maleek and Najm Loyd (LOCAL)

Fisher Creative - Mark Fisher, Eric Daft

Water Bottles

Ataly Graphics - Hunter Davis (my brother)

Website Design (LOCAL)

Noun Agency - Mègan McLean (has also supported our social media work)