about our GO BECAUSE

To co-create communities of greater vitality and humanity.

What does that mean?

We were mindful in crafting that statement. Each word was chosen intentionally to ensure that we communicate our purpose with clarity and with a unique spirit that resonates with others.

We say “CO-create” because we are making a commitment to deliver on our mission together—with you. We strive to inspire and activate you as a partner for change with us or amplify the cause that is important to you.

When we refer to “communities,” we’re talking about our cities, our tribes, our businesses and our world. That might feel big—and it is—which is why we know we need to start somewhere.  That somewhere is Charlotte. Charlotte is our immediate community.

When we speak of “vitality,” we mean that we believe that we want people to feel alive, free, healthy and fulfilled.  We believe that getting outside into nature makes this feeling easier to attain.

Finally, we choose the word “humanity” because the more we are with the people around the us, the more we can see each other as ‘humans.’  While we have many differences, we might have more similarities than we think. We envision a world where every person has access to a great quality of life.