The Art of the Possible

Below is a special piece written by our Intentional Movement for Social Capital leaders from October 2018.

When we return home from Mammoth, CA (where he had our Intentional Movement Expedition) and people ask us what happened, we will share our co-created message and stand with it, committed. Inside we’ll also know that something almost indescribable happened there.

Something that happens when eleven community leaders and mountain novices, two extraordinary mountain guides, one dedicated supporter, three professional creatives and two magic-making facilitators come together to create ‘this.’

This is what happens when we show up one day at 5:30am and all jump on board, not knowing exactly what to expect but expecting something beyond ourselves.

This is what happens when we invest our time, open our hearts and stand in a circle. Again and again.

This is what happens when we share a table, a tent, a vision for what ‘this’ could look like one day for our kids. And by our kids we mean all kids. Because all kids are our kids.

This is what happens when we commit, with our truths and our pain and our individual strength—each one its own bright star. And then we look up and see that all that truth and pain and strength collectively looks like one beautiful, expansive night sky.

This is what happens when we climb mountains—slowly. So we don’t miss the little things and we take care of ourselves and we go together.

This is what happens when we unplug and plug in and connect and exchange and move and sit with our thoughts, and lay in our sleeping bags. When we feel cold, watch the fire, share stories, share meals, share space, share values.

This is what happens when we climb mountains and see barriers and then see beyond. And then start down the path—a small, maybe blind path, but a mighty path—together.

This is what happens when we come as tall, strong trees and then tie our roots to one another in the name of community—like the Aspen—when we bond and then bridge and then link ourselves.

This is Mammoth, where we live by the name in our thinking and our commitment. It’s Mammoth and it’s Charlotte. And it’s possible when we go together.

Your Intentional MVMT Leaders,

Daniel Valdez (Welcoming America)
Davita Galloway (Dupp & Swat)
Dee O’Dell (U.S. Bank)
Federico Rios (City of Charlotte)
John Martin (Young Black Leadership Alliance)
Kathryn Black (Bank of America)
Malcomb Coley (EY)
Mike Harrell (Beacon Development)
Molly Shaw (Communities in Schools of Charlotte)
Stephanie Cooper-Lewter (Leading on Opportunity)
Valeria Bermejo (YMCA of Greater Charlotte)