Intentional MVMT  Trek

 A 1-Day Experience Close to Home


Our 1-day trek removes barriers to you and your team’s best thinking and accelerates progress by identifying what is simple and matters most. 

Achieving these results requires a new environment—one that is more natural, happens to be right around us and draws up upon cutting edge neuroscience.


My experience during the hike up Stone Mountain was invigorating...The conversations and reflections...while taking-in the natural landscape was a combination that kept me feeling refreshed long afterwards. I haven’t felt that good in a while.
— James Ford, Co-Chair of Leading on Opportunity Council


Our Intentional MVMT treks happen just 90 minutes from Charlotte in beautiful Stone Mountain State Park (the one in North Carolina).  This environment will help you explore new possibilities and feel more energized and resilient as a leader.  You can expect to leave re-focused and rejuvenated by the conversation with a back drop of nature’s beauty.


What to Expect:

  • Facilitated dialogue that occurs over a hike (roughly 4.5 miles) from the early morning until late afternoon. We stop frequently to rest and to let you explore the surroundings. CLICK HERE for more info about the trail we take.

  • Small group discussion, large group coaching and individual reflection time designed to expand and strengthen your natural leadership style.

  • Trek Sample Itinerary: 
    6:30am - Coffee & Snacks
    7:00am - Bus leaves
    5:30pm - Arrive back in Charlotte


Go Together

We are always thinking about our social impact. How can more people access these experiences and in turn, build our communities? Some of our clients decide to deepen their collaboration and big thinking by "Going Together" with a key community they want to get to know or an organization they support. 

Example 1:

A non-profit decided to take a few leaders, board members along with students they serve in the mission to deepen the sense of purpose and engagement from staff and board members.

Example 2:

A senior leadership team at a corporation decided to do a trek with non-profit leaders they support to build relationships and greater innovation by leveraging the talents of people who think differently than they do.

Email us for more details at


Custom Days

We create custom days for teams or groups. Email us at for more information. 



  • Group bus ride to and from Stone Mountain State Park

  • Coffee and light snacks at breakfast

  • Box Lunch

  • T-Shirt

  • Journal and Pen

  • Refreshments on way home