Intentional MVMT Expedition

A 3-Day Innovative Experience in the Wild


A movement begins when a leader is moved by something and in an environment that expands their view of what is possible. They have to see and be ready to lead something so compelling that it can change the narrative.  

We have partnered with expert outdoor mountain guides to take people on an epic 3-day journey called the

Intentional MVMT Expedition.  




From University of Utah Cognitive Psychologist David Strayer:

“When we slow down, stop the busywork, and take in beautiful natural surroundings, not only do we feel restored, but our mental performance improves too...

Strayer calls this the 'three-day effect and found that people he worked with "performed 50 percent better on creative problem-solving tasks after three days of wilderness backpacking.”

This experience is designed to be a conversation over light hiking (generally 3-5 miles a day) while letting nature's views help each leader open up to new perspectives and ways of leading. The environment accelerates growth individually and collectively to build momentum towards a key issue in the community or a company initiative. 

Our Intentional MVMT facilitators are part of the consulting team at the Center for Intentional Leadership and leverage 20 years of experience working with leaders to create this highly unique outdoor experience.  



The format is a combination of small and large group discussion, individual reflection, daily evening debriefs and action plans that align to program outcomes.

We also take a video documentary team with us so there is content to share in the community or organization after the expedition.  This also supports both internal and external marketing efforts.

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Outcomes for Leaders and the Group include:

  • Energized with a new sense of possibility

  • Deepened connection to a larger mission for organization or community

  • Developed plan that will build a 'movement' for particular area of social impact

  • Built meaningful relationships and collaboration that strengthens each leader's ability to influence others

  • Expanded capacity to identify solutions from natural resources and greater ease in solving key challenges

  • Strengthened ability to maintain optimism, resiliency and courage


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Examples of how we engage with clients:

A movement to spread the idea of 'Social Capital' to impact upward economic mobility

  • Several foundations wanted to build momentum and help change the narrative around the the idea of 'Social Capital'. They selected a diverse group of leaders to go on this journey together and come back with a plan to influence greater participation around this issue with local leaders.

A company wants its social mission and foundation work to gain greater adoption 

  • A large corporation asks a group of their leaders from around the world to come together with some of their key non-profit partners. The goal was to leverage the experience to build momentum towards their internal social impact initiatives.

An organization wants to uncover their best thinking for a particular team, business challenge or social mission

  • A company needs to think bigger about solving a key challenge or integrate social impact more effectively into their brand. We work with their leaders to create something through this experience that honors their brand, business and commitment to community.

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WHo we work with:

Currently all our Expedition offerings are put together when an organization, foundation or school engages us directly. Read below for examples of why our clients engage us.

Excursion Locations:


  • Preparation and Readiness Conversations

  • Three-Day Outside Experience

  • Video Documentary

  • Action Plan for Change

  • Post-Experience Shared Dialogue to build engagement

Whatever shape it takes, this perception of vastness upends our understanding of the world. It exposes us to things we don’t yet understand...
— Alex Krasser “The Potential for Awe” Science of Learning
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